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We aim to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment at our centre to help all students redefine success


WhizMinds Academy

Being the market leader in education in the Admiralty, Woodlands estate for the past 19 years, our partner Yew’s Tuition Centre have come to realization that many students who are below average students in the cohort are struggling in their studies as they may not be able to focus and concentrate in a classroom setting with many students.

Therefore, we have trademark a brand in Singapore called WhizMinds Academy to cater to these group of students by having a small focus group with individual subjects to assist these students.

Partner Background

Yew’s Tuition Centre

Yew’s Tuition Centre Pte Ltd (YTC) was established in 2004. YTC provides tutoring for students from Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, and Junior college levels. Starting as a home-based tuition service, YTC has expanded to include two center-based branches in Woodlands, Singapore. Currently, YTC have 12 full-time tutors with a combined 19 years of tutoring experience. We’ve successfully taught over 10,000 students with diverse abilities and backgrounds, helping them gain confidence and excel in their education.

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Challenge Beyond Limits

WhizMinds Academy is catered to the high-ability students who are willing to step out of their comfort zone from learning the norm schoolwork to learning more challenging heuristic and non-routine questions. They must be prepared to handle it mentally and psychologically.

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The Management Team

Mrs. Yew

Founder of Whizminds Academy & Yew’s Tuition Centre

Founder of both Yew’s Tuition Centre Pte Ltd and WhizMinds Academy, Mrs. Yew has been involved in the running of the centres, training and upgrading of the teaching skills of the teachers. She is the Chief Financial Officer who is in-charge the payroll of the
teachers. Mrs. Yew is also involved in the teaching and planning of curriculum so as to keep abreast of the MOE syllabus. She is a highly sought after teacher who has taught more than 1800 students for the last 19 years of her teaching career.

Dr. Yew 

Director of WhizMinds Academy & Yew’s Tuition Centre

Dr. Yew is the co-founder of Yew’s Tuition Centre Pte Ltd. He has more than 19 years of teaching experience and he is a highly sought teacher in YTC and is also the centre director who is in-charge of the day-to-day operations of all 2 centres and the expansion of the company. He is also involved in teaching as it is his passion. Dr. Yew enjoys interaction with the students; parents and students often look up to him as he teaches with love and is a great motivator to all his students.

Meet The Teachers

whizminds acedemy dr christina


Dr Christina has a Doctorate Degree in Chemistry (PhD). She has taught in a private University, MDIS for more than 5 years before switching to join YTC. She has been teaching in YTC for more than 7 years and she teaches from Sec 1 to Sec 4 in all Science subjects; Combined Science, Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics & Biology.

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mr chew (Whizminds Academy Tutor)

Mr. Chew

Mr Chew has years of teaching experience in YTC and being a father of 2, he believes that the teacher’s pedagogical style is crucial in helping students achieve academic success. A very patient teacher who guides students through detailed step-by-step approach to problem solving as well as engaging in discussion/dialogue format of

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mrs tan (Whizminds Academy Tutor)

Mrs. Tan

Mrs. Tan graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Masters in Chemistry (MSc). Her passion for teaching came about when she was the recipient as a student herself during her school days. She sees that there is a gap for more improvement and methods in making the students to love Mathematics. In 

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whizminds academy tutor mrs.lee

Mrs. Lee

Mrs Lee is a sought-after teacher who has been teaching in YTC for more than 15 years. She has graduated hundreds of PSLE students and many of whom have gone to TOP schools. She is able to illustrate difficult concepts with easy everyday examples that her students can relate well to. Her strength lies in her ability to quickly

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ms.wong whizminds academy tutor

Ms. Wong

Ms. Wong is an ex-MOE teacher who has many years of experience teaching the Primary and Secondary levels. Not only does she hold a Diploma in Education (NIE) in Chinese Language, she has also been teaching the English, Mathematics & Science curriculum for the past 13 years. Over the years in teaching,

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ms ang whizminds academy tutor

Ms. Ang

Ms Ang has more than 15 years of teaching experience and is well-versed in the Primary School syllabus for English, Math and Science as well as Secondary English. She places great emphasis on the mastery of core concepts and applies bespoke strategies to help her students strive for academic excellence at all levels.

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ms toh whizminds academy tutor

Ms. Toh

Ms Toh is an experienced primary school Chinese teacher who has been anchoring our Chinese Language tutorage for the past 15 years. She is a diligent, passionate and caring teacher who believes in the joy of learning and using questioning as one of the many ways to develop critical thinking in her teaching.

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Ms. Zoe

Ms Zoe has a passion in teaching the younger age group as she finds the potential in them as they start young in education. Ms Zoe graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Ngee Ann Polytechinic and a Bachelor of Psychological Science from University of Wollongong. She is well-regarded 

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Ms. Yew

Ms Yew is currently teaching Additional and Elementary Mathematics to Secondary level students. She employs creative yet effective ways to make her lessons engaging, enabling students to learn better. Ms Yew is deeply passionate about teaching and strives to help her students understand concepts easily and

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Ms Pamela holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the prestigious Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. This unique combination of academic and professional experience has equipped her with the skills to design lessons that are not only captivating and interactive, but also tailored to

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Ms. Abigail holds a Foundation in Arts (English). This academic background has expressed her passion for literature, language, and the arts. This comprehensive course immerses her in the study of English language and related humanities subjects.

She has a great passion in teaching English. She

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Mr Shankar is an ex-MOE teacher, who has over two decades of dedicated teaching experience since 1999. He holds a Diploma in Education (Merit) from NIE so he is able to bring a wealth of expertise and a passion for nurturing young minds and specializes in empowering underperforming students to unlock their full

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mdm glare

MDM Glare

Mdm Glare has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. She has an extensive experience as a former Learning and Development Associate at Toshiba Information Philippines Inc. where she specializes as a Subject Matter Expert and Main Trainer in Mechanical Inspection. She is a dedicated 

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Mdm Yanny graduated with a Business Administration degree in Marketing Management. Her passion towards teaching came about when she actively participated in a Vacation Bible School for kids and youth ministry in her church. She worked as a part-time personal tutor for kids in their community 

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mr christoper


Mr Christopher graduated from Technological University of the Philippines – Visayas (TUPV) with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering.

His passion for teaching came about when he was helping/tutoring his classmates and he realized that many students struggle in 

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Mdm Catherine

Mdm Catherine is an experienced teacher from Teachers Certificate Program in CHMSC. She has taught for a few years at La Salle Language Center. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Riverside College. Mdm Catherine is a passionate and an experienced educator with a strong background in both  healthcare and

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Ms Jay-Ann

Ms Jay-Ann has been practicing her degree in both the fields of Electronics and Telecommunications Industry, leveraging my expertise to drive innovation and excellence. She has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas.

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Ms Angelie has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a specialization in English from Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC) as a licensed Professional Teacher. Teaching has always been her lifelong passion, which has been ingrained in her since her formative years.

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Having passion in teaching?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and having a strong passion in education industry people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us your resume and our admin will further contact with you.